FCL workshop: Building 21st century skills through Active Learning


It is widely accepted that active learning has received considerable attention over the past several years. Engaging the students with meaningful learning experiences that demand collaboration, problem solving and critical thinking not only sets the foundations for a more deep learning but also makes both the learning and the teaching enjoyable and challenging.

The Future Classroom Lab course "Building 21st century skills through Active Learning" held on 2-3 December 2017 in Brussels, led the participants to develop their own ideas about incorporating active learning into their curriculum and transforming their classroom into an exciting, dynamic learning environment.

The two expert trainers, Bart Verswijvel and Efi Saltidou shared ideas with the participants on how to enhance standard educational materials with creative technologies, how to create learning activities for flexible learning spaces and how to implement the design thinking methodology in order to design new learning spaces and school innovation plans. Participants also explored the Future Classroom Lab learning zones and a whole school approach for innovation while experiencing the concept of active learning. Since collaboration is a paramount element of this method, participants encouraged to develop partnerships and networks and prepared learning snacks in order to share what they have learned.

Overall, Building 21st century skills through Active Learning, managed to bring successfully 33 people from 10 countries together in Brussels for a full weekend dedicated to active participation of the students during the learning process.

Interested to join a course in the Future Classroom Lab? See the course offers here! The full training programme for 2018 has been published.


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