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Have you ever reflected about the importance of being a ´digitally competent ‘teacher? Are you looking at ways to improve your digital competence, but you don't know where to start?

The EDURegio course Digitally Competent Teachers for Creative Digital Students will help boost your digital competence for lifelong learning through digital tools and innovative pedagogical approaches, as well as via European projects such as Code Week, eTwinning or SELFIE.


The course starts on 19 October, and is open to teachers from all different subjects, with no previous experience. National moderators will be available to support in Spanish, Italian, Portuguese and Sweden.



Join us now and let your digital creativity raise up! If you have any question about the course, you can follow the hashtag #EDURegio, the Twitter profiles @EUErasmusPlus @sepiegob or ask Tommaso Dalla Vecchia



The course will help participants to reflect upon their digital competence for lifelong learning and to get familiar with digital technology for teaching and learning, by exploring different tools and strategies. Teachers will gain knowledge on European frameworks for digital competence and discover how to boost digital competence through European projects such as Code Week, eTwinning or SELFIE. Teachers will also explore strategies and tools for remote teaching, digital assessment and classroom management.

In particular it will help you:

- To become familiar with the Digital Competences Framework for Educators and European projects that foster digital competence, such as Code Week, SELMA, or eTwinning.

- To explore different instruments and strategies to develop digital competence in their curricula and integrate digital technologies in the classroom.

- To discover innovative tools and approaches to increase student´s motivation, also via the use digital technologies.

- To develop teachers' awareness and self-reflection about their digital competence by exploring tools such as TET-SAT or SELFIE.

- To become part of a community of enthusiastic teachers to interact, exchange, share best practices and participate together in the EU Code Week 2020 initiative.

Participants will receive a digital course badge (open badge1) and a course certificate upon completion of the course. Badges can be exported to the Badge Backpack.


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1Open Badges are visual tokens of achievement, affiliation, authorisation, or other trust relationship sharable across the web. Find out more on the Open Badges website.


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