Promoting and Creating Innovation in Education


The new report "Promoting and Creating Innovation in Education - Five years of the Future Classroom Ambassadors Network" is available.

The primary role of the FCL Ambassadors is to promote innovative pedagogical practices and to support teachers in their country. The FCL Ambassador network was launched at the end of 2014 with 12 countries taking part. At this moment, the network of FCL Ambassadors has 15 members: Belgium (Flanders), Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Hungary, Israel, Malta, Norway, Portugal, Slovakia, Spain and Turkey.

The Report

During the past five years the FCL Ambassadors have had a strategic role 1) in promoting innovative pedagogical practice emerging from EUN projects within national teacher networks; 2) and also in enabling the growing European network of innovative schools, learning labs and replica FCLs.

The "Promoting and Creating Innovation in Education – Five years of the Future Classroom Ambassadors Network" report offers you an overview of the activities and achievements of the FCL Ambassador network during the past five years.

The aim of this report is to celebrate the journey of the FCL Ambassador network and the Ambassadors' efforts, not forgetting those Ministries of Education who have trusted and invested in this initiative. Each chapter includes an introduction summarising the main points, country spotlights offering examples from different countries, and other activities implemented mainly by European Schoolnet with and for the ambassadors. While the report is not exhaustive, it presents an overview of different activities carried out in the countries of the network. To know even more concerning what kind of activities have taken place at country level, we invite you to browse the FCL Ambassador Activity Digest (available online).

The FCL Ambassadors' Activity Digests are regularly published bulletins which summarise the recent activities of Lead and Local Ambassadors in each country. They include outcomes of and updates on past/present/upcoming activities, events and projects. The key purpose of the digest is to share inspiration within the FCL community across Europe. To find out exactly what activities have been organised by FCL Ambassadors in recent years, we invite you to read the FCL Activity Digest publications available.

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