The learning environment today and tomorrow – a new Novigado publication


To suit the 21st century, more and more educators and policy-makers are calling for a shift in teaching methods and education content towards student-centred, active learning.

Critical thinking, communication, collaboration and creativity – the 4Cs– are the "super skills" which are essential for successful learning, teaching, assessment, working and living in today's digital economy. How can schools prepare the young generation of learners for the challenges ahead of them in this ever-changing world?

Guidelines in Learning Space Innovations

The overall objective of the Novigado Project is to support schools and related stakeholders in the transition from a conventional and teacher-centred classroom into teaching practices that promote active learning with the support of innovative learning environments and use of relevant Information and Communication Technologies (ICT).

Within the scope of the project, the Guidelines were constructed based

  • on a desk research and literature review on flexible and innovative learning environments, and
  • on teachers' and students' practices from the classroom that support both active learning and innovative teaching.

Learning spaces can play a crucial role in stimulating not only active learning of students, but also innovative forms of pedagogy in the classroom or school spaces. This publication presents the reasons that justify this shift – in methods, spaces, and priorities – as well as practical insights related to creating future-ready school environments.

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