Webinar: Rethinking sound in the classroom, 4 November 2021


This webinar which is organised by the Future Classroom Lab (FCL) and Ecophon will tackle the issue of the power of sound in the modern classroom, and its great effect over teachers' and learners' health, wellbeing, and behavior.

Experts will present how a classroom sound environment that mimics nature can reduce vocal strain and stress for teachers, helping them do their job more effectively. It can also make classrooms more accessible to learners from a diverse spectrum of abilities and backgrounds. Ecophon will share examples of where these principles have been successfully applied and some of the experiences of those that occupy those spaces.

Main questions to be addressed:

  • Why is noise a problem in the classroom and what are the most common noise sources?
  • What are the effects of noise on learners and teachers?
  • How can classrooms be more inclusive and accommodate diversity better?
  • What does the ideal sound environment for the classroom looks and sounds like and how it mimics the outdoors acoustically?
  • How can this be achieved through materials used in the building process?


You can watch the webinar recording here!