The Novigado project’s final results


Commenced in 2019, the Novigado project has been focusing on school spaces with a clear conviction: the key to educational change is not the shape of a building, but rather the mindset of teachers and the whole school’s approach to innovation.

Novigado’s aim was to support schools and related stakeholders in the transition from a conventional, teacher-centred classroom to teaching practices that promote active learning with the support of innovative learning environments and use of relevant ICT.

During the pilot phase of the project, the Novigado partners designed a Capacity Building Programme (CBP) to help mainstream Active Learning and pedagogical innovation at a whole-school level. The training manual is available in English, French, Polish, Portuguese and Turkish for everyone who would like to replicate this  programme. In addition to this, a comprehensive evaluation plan of the Capacity-Building Program's school pilot was created to gather evidence-based information about how innovative learning environments and new teaching practices impact education. The full report is available in English here.

Novigado came to an end in May 2022. In the final report you will find practical recommendations for educators and policy-makers on how to support schools and local authorities in adapting and designing learning environments in educational institutions. The final report is available to the public in English, French, Polish, Portuguese and Turkish.