The 2023 FCL Course Catalogue is Here


The Future Classroom Lab is pleased to announce its 2023 course catalogue. This year, we have prepared 5 courses designed to help teachers introduce innovative teaching and learning methodologies in the classroom. 

The first course starts in February and will acquaint participants with the concept of active learning, a pedagogical approach that intends to put students in the center of the classroom process. Traditional teaching approaches focus on the teacher as the one who leads the journey of knowledge acquisition. Active learning flips that concepts and makes students the driving force behind their own betterment.

The second course focuses on STEM and aims to help teachers increase the attractiveness of STEM subjects to students. The course includes various hands-on workshops and active exploring of resources covering topics like integrated STEM teaching, sustainability, green spaces, STEM+Arts, and more. The guest lecturers will also share tips on promoting STEM education based on the experience of ScientixTV.

The third course focuses on fostering creativity. The passive, teacher-centered approach very often has the side effect of killing creativity and self-initiative. How can we arrange the learning process in a way that nurtures creativity and promotes self-expression? These are the main issues that participants will be given the opportunity to tackle in this 5-day course.

The fourth course tackles the challenges of building inclusive learning environments that support and nurture children with special education needs. It is designed to give participants practical examples of how technology and active learning can be used to promote inclusivity and support the learning journeys of children with special needs. Teachers will be given the opportunity to learn how to design lessons and activities for learners with social, emotional, behavioural and learning difficulties.

The fifth course is dedicated to interaction in the classroom. More dynamic, peer-to-peer communication in the classroom is the foundation of playful, game-based learning that makes the classroom process feel more like personal development and less like passive lesson memorization. Therefore, in this course participants will reflect on the pedagogical approaches which enable interactive and collaborative environments for skills and knowledge acquisition.

In these times of dynamic social, economic and technological changes, the Future Classroom Lab is committed to providing education professionals with courses that familiarize them with the latest best practices in innovative pedagogies and help them bridge the gap between the present and the future of teaching and learning.

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