Webinar: Transform Learning in Your Classroom with Intel Skills for Innovation


The Future Classroom Lab is hosting, in collaboration with Intel and Lenovo, a webinar which will introduce educators to the Intel Skills for Innovation (SFI) programme. Webinar participants will demonstrate how the tools and resources provided within the Intel SFI pack can transform learning.

Titled “Transform Learning in Your Classroom with Intel® Skills for Innovation”, the webinar aims to demonstrate an innovative way of teaching in which technology is used to enhance learning outcomes and to make education more engaging.

Educators will be introduced to the Intel Skills for Innovation Starter Pack Activities and how they can be implemented in practice with students in the classroom.  A sample lesson using ChatGPT will also be featured as part of the event.

The webinar will be joined by representatives from Lenovo who will discuss the need for teacher professional development and how educators can access and utilise a variety of Lenovo professional development courses differentiated to meet various needs.

Finally, educators will have the opportunity to exchange with an experienced educator who has used Intel Skills for Innovation in their classroom and gain an understanding of how that experience has impacted teaching and learning for both them and their students.

If you want to learn more about how you can use technology in your classroom in a way you never thought possible, register for the event below.

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