Teachers are starting to implement the MatataStudio-Vincibot Pilot Project


The VinciBots robots have just arrived to the different schools and teachers are gearing up for a coding adventure. The focus is on fostering design thinking and engineering thinking and refining computational thinking skills through hands-on activities.

Coordinated by European Schoolnet, with the active support of the Future Classroom Lab (FCL) and Scientix, in close collaboration with the Network of FCL Lead Ambassadors, the MatataStudio-VinciBot pilot project seeks to introduce children of later primary and early secondary school to programming and fundamental artificial intelligence (AI) through task-based technology activity and project-based technology activity.

The MatataStudio-VinciBot pilot project is designed to foster a hands-on learning approach, nurturing imagination and promoting digital literacy. Its core principles lie in cultivating computational, design, and engineering thinking, as well as problem-solving abilities among students.

The educational value of MatataStudio is based on the principle of The Four Cs of 21st Century Learning: Critical Thinking, Communication, Collaboration, and Creativity. The pilot programme aims to ensure that teachers, and ultimately students, are equipped with the necessary skills to thrive personally and professionally in the 21st century.

To achieve this, European Schoolnet and MatataStudio, in collaboration with the network of FCL Lead Ambassadors, developed an action plan scheduled to unfold over an 8-month period, spanning from June 2023 to January 2024. The project will be tested in 4 different countries (France, Israel, Finland, and Spain) to explore the potential of VinciBot robots in education. In the upcoming months, teachers and students will actively participate in testing the pedagogical value of Matatalab programming learning tools, and in particular, the educational robot VinciBot.

As our educational journey progresses, we invite you to learn more about the project and follow its innovative activities that aim to reshape the landscape of education through technology!