News from the FCL Network of Innovative Learning Labs & Spaces (ILLS)


News from the FCL Network of Innovative Learning Labs & Spaces (ILLS)

The FCL Network of Innovative Learning Labs & Spaces (ILLS) is an initiative coordinated by European Schoolnet Future Classroom Lab with the aim to link up innovative learning labs and spaces that have been inspired by the original Future Classroom Lab in Brussels.

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Currently, the ILLS Network has 240 member labs from 29 different countries and is supported at local level by 15 FCL Lead Ambassadors.

To promote the exchange of ideas and best practice among the member labs, European Schoolnet FCL has organised a series of interactive worshops, during which the network members have had an opportunity to get together, discuss about trending topics and get further inspiration on how to use innovative learning spaces to promote students' active learning, provide opportunities for teacher professional development and encourage discussions around 21st century education.

The last online workshop took place on 16th May 2024 and offered the participants an overview on how the original Future Classroom Lab concept based on six learning zones has been adapted to the local context and needs of some schools and universities in Europe. 7 learning labs - respectively from Finland, Italy, Slovakia, Switzerland and Turkey – explained how they got motivated to start their own future classroom lab and shared a presentation about the innovative approaches that have been implemented in their labs in terms of, for instance:

  • Design of physical learning spaces
  • Integration of technology in the learning process
  • Sustainability
  • Collaboration with other stakeholders
  • International exchange

To know more about the FCL Network of Innovative Learning Labs & Spaces and learn how to join the network, please check out the FCL website.

The ILLS Online Workshop video recording is available here: