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My New Beautiful School - Novigado Pilot in Şanlıurfa Secondary School

Our main goal for Novigado was to quit the teacher-centered system and to move to the student-centered system. It was among our goals for students to create products using technology and for them to continue these products in cooperation with their friends. The project has helped students learn the subject more easily and to connect with technology more closely.

We think the project has been beneficial. We observed that active learning can be used effectively at every grade level and it contributed to students' skills. It was very productive for both students and teachers. We saw that the students were very enthusiastic and interested in the lessons.

The "Recycling and Planets" topic was selected to raise students' awareness and to capture their attention. We created the scenarios in detail. While writing the script, we made sure that the students could move freely within the scenario. The general structure of the scenarios was shaped thinking about the fact that the students produced solutions to the problems they experienced in daily life.
We took care to choose a topic that students could work in collaboration with, exchange ideas with each other, and that will attract their attention.

In the process students directly used the classroom for active learning, and students saw positive effects on cooperation, productivity and entrepreneurship. 
In order to create an active learning environment, the scenario was first designed and the necessary physical environment was prepared. During the implementation of the project, we saw that all students could actively participate in the lesson and put active learning into practice. Students' self-esteem and self-efficacy levels improved as each student contributed implementing our scenario. We have seen that especially the students sitting in the back row contributed more to the lessons.

We held an informative workshop in Ankara that advanced our professional development. We had the opportunity to come back to our school and apply the knowledge and skills we gained during the workshop.

The article was written by teachers at the “Şanlıurfa Göbeklitepe Ortaokulu” school in Turkey who took part in the Novigado capacity building programme: Mahmut Demir- Hüseyin Buğra Başar- Ebru Binici- Nihal Kabuk

Key Info

  • Funding: Erasmus+ Programme Key Action 2 (School Education - Cooperation for innovation and the exchange of good practices)
  • Start time: 01-12-2019
  • Duration: 30 months
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