Facts4All - #OnlyFacts Awareness Raising Campaign on Disinformation

To tackle disinformation, we need to understand what type of content is out there, why social media posts are produced, shared and disseminated. The Facts4All Awareness Campaign aims to raise awareness on information disorder and provide the knowledge and hands on guidance on how to detect false content online.

The campaign runs from 2 March to 2 April 2022 and leads to International Fact-Checking Day – 2 April 2022. You can follow this activity through #Facts4All and #OnlyFacts hashtags. 

Facts4All #OnlyFacts Campaign Materials 

  • Videos – ‘Let’s talk about information disorder!’
  1. Why do we need to talk about information disorder?
  2. Where do we get our information from?
  3. Mis-, dis-, mal- information – What it is it? 
  4. Register for the Facts4All MOOC!
  5. Educate on Fake News and Media Literacy!
  6. Why do people share misleading content online?
  7. How is misleading information spread online?
  8. How to teach about information disorder? 
  9. Challenge yourself – Tackle Disinformation!

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