Oyoty is a personal e-safety assistant for young children online which helps them be more aware, secure and private online and to engage positively with digital media.

The Artificial Intelligence based Oyoty chat bot  helps children identify and deal with online risks in REAL TIME using a combination of technology and educational content.

Oyoty is raising awareness about online issues through fun educational content on all aspects of digital citizenship.

How it works

Oyoty anlayses children's social media and online activity.


Oyoty spot risks and alerts the child, parents can also choose to receive an alert.


Oyoty teaches the child how to deal with risks immediately and delivers educational content to encourage safer online behaviour.



Problems Detected

  • Privacy leaks - Personal data e.g. email addresses, phone numbers shared publicly.
  • Online Reputation - Sharing sensitive selfies, inappropriate or offensive comments.
  • Cyber Bullying (Coming soon) - Unkind or hateful comments sent or recieved on social media.
  • Screen time (Android only- coming soon) - Alerts and reports relating to the over-use of phone or tablet.

Social networks supported

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Instagram


Oyoty provides a mix of online safety and education. Parents need to register for the service  for a 2 month free trial.



Further information