Paidos Future Classroom

The main users of Paidos Future Classroom are secondary school students (ages 12-16) who use the different learning corners on a daily basis to carry out projects from different subjects related to ICT (i.e. technology, robotics, computational thinking, app's design, etc.). All the projects contain highly innovative content. In addition to secondary school students, students from primary school (ages 6-11) also have the chance to work on different ICT projects in the Paidos Future Classroom. However, their visits are not as frequent as those of secondary school students. Finally, we will also use the Paidos Future Classroom to organise face-to-face and online conferences, talks, workshops and seminars to members of the education community (i.e. families, students, parents, education stakeholders, education professionals, etc.) in Catalonia, Spain and Europe about the effects of using the Paidos Future Classroom on the teaching and learning process.

In our technology and robotics lessons, we use robotics kits like Lego Mindstorms, Arduino, Acer Cloud Professor, Beebot, etc. We also have drones and a powerful set of 3D printers which allows us to realise multiple ideas such as those related to robot design. In addition, we have a recording studio and virtual reality equipment. We have many Chromebooks and PCs that we use for different tasks such as video editing, 3D creations and for working with G Suite tools. Finally, we have large-size touch screens which allow us to make presentations and videoconferences.

Our school has covered most of the expenses around the creation of the Paidos Future Classroom. However, we have also received financial support from ACER which contributed to the creation of the space by providing some financial assistance and technological equipment. Besides ACER, other companies like Fdos Software and Mobles Grau (furniture) have also contributed to the project.

Commercial partners:
- Acer for Education provided financial support and technological equipment (PCs and virtual reality equipment).
- Fdos Software provided the XYZ Printing 3D printers.
- Mobles Grau offered us a discount on the purchase of furniture.
- Promethean provided the touchscreen displays.

More information:

•    Pau Romeu Torres - Secondary STEM Teacher
•    Felip Echarri - Primary Teacher. Head of New Technologies Department.
•    Jordi Costa - Head of Studies

L'Escola Paidos
Avinguda Girona, 41-73
08272 Sant Fruitós de Bages (Barcelona)
Catalonia Spain