Participate - FCL for Different Target Groups

The Future Classroom Lab provides different opportunities for policymakers, schools, teachers, and private organisations to participate and contribute to its activities.

FCL for Companies

A great number of private organisations and companies have been supporting the Future Classroom Lab since its conception. The FCL offers such organisations the opportunity to network, exchange, and share their own ideas for new learning spaces and how technology and equipment can support innovative pedagogical approaches to support 21st century education needs.

Each company supporting the Future Classroom Lab can benefit from:

  • Recognition as FCL partner, including recognition on the FCL website, dedicated partner page, and possibility to include the Future Classroom Lab logo on appropriate marketing material.
  • Invitation to European Schoolnet's annual EMINENT conference for Ministries of Education which aims to facilitate discussion and interaction between countries and exchange of best practices.
  • Invitation to European Schoolnet’s annual School Innovation Forum, an interactive event gathering industry partners, policy makers on national and regional level, and academia.
  • Access to the FCL validation service, a pan-European network of schools ready to participate in school pilots involving industry partners.
  • Opportunity to provide technology/equipment to the Future Classroom Lab in Brussels.
  • Multiple other opportunities and ad hoc activities we can jointly consider.

The Future Classroom Lab is the framework within which European Schoolnet works with both ministries of education and private organisations and companies willing to support the evolution of teaching and learning. In line with European Schoolnet's code of practice for industry partnerships, all FCL partners are treated equally and in a transparent manner. Each company is asked to contribute to the FCL’s sustainability by making a financial contribution toward the operational costs of the Future Classroom Lab and to commit to a one-year agreement with European Schoolnet.

If you would like to know more about how your organisation can participate in the Future Classroom Lab, please email

FCL for Policy- and Decision-Makers


Policymakers from European Schoolnet's member Ministries of Education but also from other European, regional, and local education authorities can benefit from the activities of the Future Classroom Lab. Such activities include, but are not limited to, strategic seminars, workshops, online and on-site events and conferences that focus on the potential impact that innovative learning environments and educational technology can have on teaching and learning.

Interested policymakers can in particular benefit from:

  • Tours providing an overview of the FCL pedagogical concepts and hands-on activities with different technologies.
  • Strategic seminars on key topics such as flexible learning environments and emerging education trends such as Makerspaces, Esports, Artificial Intelligence, etc.
  • Recommendations and guidelines stemming from European Schoolnet projects that contribute to informed decision-making on adaptation and development of learning spaces, and deployment and use of technology in schools.
  • Networking opportunities as invited participants to European Schoolnet's annual EMINENT conference and School Innovation Forum.

If you would like to know more about how you or your organisation can benefit from and participate in Future Classroom Lab’s activities, please contact

Schools and Teacher Educators


Heads of schools, teachers, teacher trainers, and other education professionals have the opportunity to be involved in professional development opportunities and training both on-site and online. They also have the chance to be involved in activities such as validation pilots and testing of educational technology products and innovative teaching approached, as well as participate in consultations and online surveys, providing their input and sharing their experience in the classroom

Educators and other school staff can benefit from:

  • Professional development opportunities including workshops and courses at the FCL in Brussels, and online training events developed within various European Schoolnet projects.
  • Recommendations on how to best integrate the FCL learning zones in their teaching practice as well as guidelines on innovative teaching approaches and practices.
  • Directory of classroom practices and Learning Activities available on the FCL website: explore these resources and submit your own classroom examples to inspire others!
  • Free training materials and resources for teachers, school leaders and teacher educators to download.
  • The Novigado Scenario Tool which guide teachers to build active learning scenarios and practical lesson plans that support active learning pedagogy.
  • Webinars organised in collaboration with FCL’s industry partners on new tools and teaching practices, professional development opportunities, and trends in education.

If you would like to know more about how you or your organisation can benefit from and participate in Future Classroom Lab’s activities, please contact

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