Developing an eSafe classroom

17-18 November 2014

This workshop aims to support teachers in integrating eSafety best practise into their own lesson planning and help their school become a safe learning environment by promoting digital literacy, digital citizenship the safe use of digital tools and the Internet. Participants will be able to develop eSafety skills and access a wide range of eSafety resources and materials useful for teaching and learning. They will see how the school can develop a whole-school progressive eSafety curriculum as a central part of the school's eSafety Programme.

Collaborative projects for the future classroom

20-21 October 2014

This workshop is aimed at curious teachers who want to explore the concepts of the future classroom and 21st century learning, and discover ways to integrate ICT into their teaching practice in a collaborative and sustainable way. The workshop is ideal for teachers involved in eTwinning, giving them ideas to set up more innovative collaboration projects.

Interactive classroom

18-19 September 2014

The participants will learn in this workshop tools and methodologies to increase and enhance the level of interaction in the classroom. This will include exploring such topics as interactive whiteboards and student collaboration, interactive exercises, brainstorming and knowledge mapping, flipped classroom and Bring Your Own Device (BYOD). The workshop is based on hands-on sessions giving participants an opportunity to create and test technologies and different solutions themselves.

Future Classroom Scenarios

2-3 June 2014

The FCS workshop gives participants an opportunity to explore innovative approaches and technologies to enhance classroom delivery and work with other teachers from across Europe to develop new ideas for everyone's own classroom and school. The course is designed to give a hands-on approach to help participants develop their own ideas about 21st Century Learning and the effective use of technology. The workshop is based on the results and toolkits from a pan-European iTEC project which is developing and testing future classroom scenarios in over 2000 classrooms across Europe.

Creative use of multimedia and games in the classroom 

29-30 April 2014

This two-day workshop will show teachers how to use multimedia and devices creatively in the classroom. This workshop is designed to help teachers become proficient in exploring how different media can be used in education. The participants will develop the skills required in order to make innovative use of digital text, audio, images, video and games in their classrooms.