Future Classroom capacity-building for Initial Teacher Education Lecturers

Workshop 10-11 June 2020 (or 10-12 June with School Innovation Forum) CANCELLED

The workshop is aimed at lecturers, trainers and coordinators of Initial Teacher Education at Higher Education level. The workshop sessions are hands-on and promote active collaboration. The participants will learn about strategies, content, methods and tools to support student teachers with the implementation of innovative digital pedagogical practices in their teaching practice, continuing professional development and professional learning networks. The workshop explains how to benefit from the In-class Teaching Modules and the participation of students to the "Networked Teacher – Teaching in the 21st Century" MOOC (autumn 2020). The workshop takes place 10-11 June and it is possible to combine it with the EUN's School Innovation Forum (international conference) on 11-12 June. For further information about this workshop, contact the team directly: fcl@eun.org


FCL Summer Academy: Enhancing creativity and innovation in my classroom

5-DAY COURSE | 29 June - 3 July 2020 (also 3-day participation) CANCELLED

Do schools kill or nurture creativity? Would you like your school to be a place where the students can develop skills and attitudes that combine elements such as creativity, critical thinking, collaboration, imagination and inventiveness? This course will lead the participants to reflect on how to nurture creativity in students and how to teach creatively! Read more here


Active learning in my school and classroom

5-DAY COURSE 24-28 August 2020 CANCELLED

The Future Classroom is a space for active learning. It integrates the optimal use of the learning space, technology and pedagogy to build 21st century skills for the learners. During this course we will explore how the Future Classroom learning zones together with a Future Classroom pedagogy and technologies effects students. The course combines both theory and hands-on activities, and it is aimed at teachers who want to adapt the principles of active learning into their teaching practice, and teachers and coordinators who consider designing or adapting learning spaces at school.


Digital skills, media literacy and citizenship for the Future Classroom

5-DAY COURSE | November/December 2020 (also 3-day participation) CANCELLED

Developing digital citizenship education is important for schools and educators. This course includes two parts: the first part will focus on digital skills and literacy and builds on the second part which will focus on active citizenship... Read more here