Personalized Learning Space - Espaço de Aprendizagem Personalizada

Inspired by European Schoolnet's Future Classroom Lab and Innovative Educational Environments, we created a space to develop learning scenarios: Personalized Learning Space - A 21st Century Learning Experience! where the centre of all activity is the student, that interacts with other students and teachers. Open and flexible space for teacher training, classes, curriculum enrichment activities, research and development of innovative educational activities. The Personalized Learning Space is the starting point from which students can Investigate, Interact, Create, Develop, Share and Present, enhancing learning with other resources such as the School Library, the Fun Science Room and FabLab Freixo.

In this space, combined with appropriate and innovative methodologies, we enhance the capacity of our teachers and students, to promote 21st century skills, necessary for the success of those who learn: collaboration; knowledge construction; self-regulation; real-world problem solving and innovation; use of ICT to learn and effective communication.

Mixing the resources already existing in the Freixo School Cluster with the extraordinary contributions of partners to the development of this project, we managed to move from an idea to its implementation, either by carrying out works to adapt the room, or by adding the equipment and software essential to its operation, or for everyone's knowledge and experience.


Commercial partnership

We work with some business and institutional partners who support us in material terms and also in terms of training human resources.


More information

  • Website: Agrupamento de Escolas de Freixo





Rua da Bouça de Rodas, n.º 200, 4990-435 Freixo

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