Prats de la Carrera

The space is a multipurpose room that can be organised according to the interests of the teacher and the teams. It can be organised in different work environments that favor different purposes. The main objective is that students develop different skills and can perform work or activities that respond to different cognitive levels.

Thus, we have organised the classroom into the following spaces:

  • Zones for researching, interacting, discussing and exchanging ideas: it occupies the main space with adaptable and wheeled tables which allow individual or collective work as required.
  • Areas for creating: students manipulate with materials from the visual, plastic and art areas.
  • Zone to expose ideas: the room has two projection panels on both sides for simltaneous projections.
  • Area to develop: technology occupies a prominent space. Students work with chromebooks and the classroom has a 3D printer, 360º camera, augmented reality glasses, Makey-makey boards and 3D pencils.
  • Zone to exhibit and show: the classroom has a space-stage equipped with light and sound equipment to exhibit the largest product. 

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Address: C/ Anselm Clave 33, 17200, Palafrugell, Girona, Spain

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