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Present Zone - Future Classroom LabThe students of the classroom of the future will need a different set of tools and skills to present, deliver, and obtain feedback on their work. The presentation and delivery of the pupils' work has to be factored into the planning of lessons, allowing students to add a communicative dimension to their work. Sharing of the results can be supported by a dedicated area for interactive presentations that, through its design and layout, encourages interaction and feedback. Online publication and sharing are also encouraged, allowing the students to become accustomed to using online resources, and familiarising themselves with the principles of eSafety.

Key points for Present

  • Learning to share and communicate: just as important as carrying out interesting work is the sharing of the results. ICT provides multiple ways to create interactive and engaging presentations, both face-to-face and online.
  • Interacting with a wider audience: presentations are interactive actions, where peers and the teacher give feedback. The physical layout can support this process.
  • Developing feedback skills: the listeners are given an active role as peer-reviewers, and they learn to provide constructive feedback. The presentations are not prepared for or aimed at the teacher only but for the whole class or even a wider community.
  • Getting familiar with various methods of sharing: the students learn to use different sharing tools that are part of everyday communication in the 21st century.
  • Communicating inclusively: students take into account the message, the audience, and resources available when selecting tools. They get to think about how to reach different audiences, and about the digital divide.
  • Making the presentation a whole school activity: a presentation be can provided as part of the school's public space, e.g. in the school library (face-to-face) or the school website (online) which enables sharing among the whole school community.
  • Embedding eSafety in schoolwork: before downloading and uploading, the students need to think about the responsible use of online resources. Being content-creators themselves, the students learn to evaluate online sources critically, and to apply necessary permissions and copyrights to the content they share themselves.

Useful equipment

  • Presentation area with reconfigurable furniture
  • A dedicated HD projector/screen to provide more quality to the presentations
  • Tools for online quizzes and surveys
  • Online publication tools (blog, VLE, online sharing sites)


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