Prof. Dr. Fahrettin Kırzıoğlu Bilim ve Sanat Merkezi Öğrenme Laboratuvarı

The target group consists of all 162 students currently enrolled in the school. As the school primarily focuses on project-based learning, the six learning zones are actively utilized. Depending on the course content, either all or a few of these zones are used.

In the Interact zone, students receive information about project development methodologies and are encouraged to develop their project ideas. In the Exchange zones, students collaborate, discuss, and refine their ideas. Following group discussions, students transition to individual work in the Investigate and Develop zones.

Students have access to technology for research across all fields. The Create zones are where interdisciplinary collaboration between different branches occurs most frequently. Depending on the project's content, the appropriate Create zones are selected, and production is carried out in collaboration with different branch teachers.

Project presentations are conducted in the Present zones as needed. These presentations often involve different student groups and branch teachers, and the presentation zone sometimes transforms into an Interact zone spontaneously.

In terms of technology, the English class is equipped with 3 computers, 3 tablets, a sound system, a tripod, a smart board, and a laminating machine.

The Robotic Coding Class features five sets of Lego Wedo Ev2-Ev3 Education, twenty-five sets of Arduino, two Mblocks Mbot Robots, six basic level line following robots, two mini sumo robots, circuit elements, a soldering iron, a hot air blowing machine, three 3D printers, six tablets, eleven computers, and one projector.

The Artificial Intelligence Class is equipped with six computers with high-level external graphics cards, model airplanes, four drones, two virtual reality glasses, one Jetson Nano, one 3D printer, one iPad, and one drawing tablet.

In the Design and Innovation Class, there are six computers with high-level external graphics cards, a hologram machine, a 3D printer, six 3D pens, and a printing machine (plotter).

The Audio and Video Recording Studio features a Blackmagic Cinema Shooting Camera, six Canon cameras, a Zoom Pro voice recorder, professional-level voice recorders, a computer with workstation features for rendering, and a green screen curtain.

Lastly, the Wooden Mechatronics Workshop (Maker Area) includes three pile saws, three vertical drill modules, three mini lathes, a compressor, a hand bray drill, a cordless drill, a hand circular saw, a jigsaw machine, a set of screwdrivers, a tool bag set of hand tools, a paint gun, and a pneumatic nail gun.

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