Ongoing projects


MatataStudio-VinciBot Pilot Project 

Coordinated by European Schoolnet, with the active support of the Future Classroom Lab (FCL) and Scientix, in close collaboration with the Network of FCL Lead Ambassadors, the MatataStudio-VinciBot pilot project aims to introduce children of later primary and early secondary school to programming and fundamental artificial intelligence (AI) through task-based technology activity and project-based technology activity. It fosters a hands-on learning approach, nurturing imagination and promoting digital literacy, all while cultivating computational, design, and engineering thinking and problem solving abilities! Discover more here!


Teach Europe

The Teach Europe Project aims to strengthen the pedagogical offer on the topics of European citizenship and the European Union; to upskill teachers by providing them with innovative learning scenarios to implement an EU perspective across the curriculum; and to give the opportunity to students to learn more about the EU, to think critically about their European identity and to explore active citizenship. Read more here.



Teacher Survey: Sound in Schools 

"Teacher Survey: Sound in Schools" is a project we are implementing in collaboration with Saint-Gobain Ecophon from January 2023 until December 2023. It aims to conduct a survey in 13 languages among secondary school teachers to discover the impact of classroom acoustics on educators’ work, physical and mental health. Following the survey, we will produce analysis of the results and explore the space design changes that may be needed in order to accommodate innovative teaching and learning methods. Read more here.



DIGI-LINGO projectDIGI-LINGO is an initiative that aims to support the European Union’s stated goal of enabling multilingualism and ensuring that every person speaks at least two foreign languages. The project aims to achieve that by exploring the capabilities of digital environments to unlock the potential of language learning. More specifically, its objectives include developing new teaching guidelines for digital language learning, designing easily accessible methods for virtual language exchange, and ensuring the sustainability of the model at regional levels. At present, the project involves partners from Denmark, Norway, Belgium and The Basque Country and is focused on upper-secondary students, but in time, it intends to become applicable across educational levels and countries.



Novigado projectNovigado "Active learning and innovative teaching in flexible learning spaces" is a new project starting in autumn 2019. The objective of the project is to support schools and related stakeholders in the transition from a conventional and teacher-centered classroom into teaching practices that promote active learning with the support of innovative learning environments and the use of relevant ICT. Read more here.




MenSi projectThe Mentoring for School Improvement (MenSI) project will carry out a pan-European investigation into how different approaches to mentoring can support the mainstreaming of innovative digital teaching practices in primary and secondary schools. Read more here.




IMPACT EdTechIMPACT EdTech will establish a start-up incubator-accelerator to help European digital education innovators to bring their digital learning solutions into the market, focusing on those solutions that can contribute to extending personalised and inclusive educational models that support the development of the skills that are relevant in today's world. Read more here.



Novigado projectEDURegio project is the follow-up project of Future Classroom Lab Regio, a strategic association among regional educational policy-makers and European Schoolnet. The network stems from the need to foster digital competences and digital citizenship at the regional level to share good practice among regional policy-makers. EDURegio implements and develops Digital Education Action Plan (DEAP) actions at regional level to face common challenges and assist in establishing a solid European education policy. Read more here


Design FILS

Novigado projectThe purpose of the project is to contribute to the professional development of teachers in the fields of technology, innovative pedagogy, interdisciplinary learning scenarios in flexible learning environments at EU level, and to support studies carried out at national and international level. This project, which is carried out by the MoNE and is implemented with the contributions of 7 European member partners, has largely the same objectives as the practices of innovative and flexible learning environments supported by the European Schoolnet. Read more here.


Europeana DSI-4

EuropeanaEuropeana is Europe's digital cultural heritage platform. It currently provides access to over 58 million digitised items from more than 3500 European libraries, museums, archives and galleries. The Europeana DSI-4 project continues the work of the previous three Europeana Digital Service Infrastructures (DSIs). Read more here.


Facts4All - Schools as community hubs against disinformation

The Facts4All – Schools as community hubs against disinformation is a one year project co-funded by the European Commission's Media Literacy for All Programme project, which aims to increase awareness and critical thinking in relation to online disinformation across generations – in particular young people and their (grand)parents. Read more here.




Matatalab Pilot Program  

The Matatalab Solution pilot project aims to introduce children aged 3-9 to the basic concepts of coding through hands-on coding gameplays. Fun, creative and collaborative, this ambitious project encourages teachers and children to explore their imaginations and combine collaborative thinking with the playful discovery of the world of coding. Read more here.






 Finished projects

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