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Developing a solid FCL research programme is one of the key objectives of the FCL team in 2019 and 2020. To this end, European Schoolnet has been gathering available evidence from research that helps to define the conceptual framework for the programme. Whatever the specific research questions to be addressed, the alignment between the curriculum, teacher practice and the space will be the backbone of the research approach. Evidence from research indeed suggests that efforts to understand the impact of physical space on teaching and learning should systematically take into account teachers' competence in using the space to best support specific practices. It also reveals the importance of school leadership attitude and capacity to provide the necessary diversity of learning spaces and the flexibility in school time organisation.

Some of the evidence already available suggests many possible questions that research programme about learning spaces could address, particularly related to participatory design issues. Just to mention a few of these questions: How can we encourage teachers to make best use a learning space? How does the space support teacher collaboration? How does the space work for learners with special needs? How can we align space with different technologies? How can we organize the space to implement ‘augmented' learning? How can we sustain a culture of change at school level aligning curriculum, pedagogy (including assessment) and the space organisation?

The FCL research programme will be announced in 2020 and will be the result of a co-construction process with the FCL partners. To reflect the diversity of interest at country level, it will develop around two axes. The first one will focus on the impact of using FCL type of space in teacher training (initial and continuous) on teaching practice when participants are back in their own classrooms and schools. The second one will focus on the impact at student level and might address questions like the relationship between space and student engagement in learning, motivation or wellbeing. Follow the development of the research programme through this page.

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