Sala de Aula do Futuro - Setubal (SAF)

The main audience of this learning space are the school's students: a pilot class will begin to work in the SAF as a regular bases every week, with the presence of at least two teachers from different subjects, applying a learning story based on the tutorial developed by the ITEC project. Other classes from school can go to the SAF, provided that teachers made a learning story to apply to the students. The other audience group are the STEM teachers of the school and of neighboring cities to have teacher training: this more technical training is provided by the partner companies and is about the use of the room equipment. In addition, partner companies can use SAF as a show room to their clients upon booking. Finally, the Teachers Training Centre from Setúbal is also organizing teacher sessions on IBL methodology. The Learning Space is partially self-funded, and partially sponsored by partners; The school utilizes the latest technologies like Desktop Computers, Interactive white boards, Interactive table, Tablets, Sensors, Graphic calculators.

Commercial Partners:

  • J.Roma (PASCO)
  • Promethean
  • Texas Instruments
  • Microsoft
  • JP - IK
  • Cienditec
  • Porto Editora
  • Science4you

More information:

Find out more about the Sala de Aula do Futuro and the process of building a Future Classroom in a K12 school in this webinar.



Escola Secundária Dom Manuel Martins
Av. António Sérgio
2914-505 Setúbal


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