Sala de Aulas do Futuro - Agrupamento de Escolas da Cidadela (PT)

The space allows the realization of projects and tasks that use project-work methodologies. Everything in the room is mobile and there are no fixed zones (for example, one zone is to create, another one is to show the results). The students know they are the main actors in this room and that teachers are there only to guide. The space is equipped with Node chairs, pouffes, a big table and benches, a stage for presentations, 30 tablets, 4 portable computers and 2 interactive whiteboards.

All the teachers who want to use this room have basic training on how to use the room and the equipment. The space is open to all students and teachers of the school (and of the other schools of the Agrupamento de Escolas da Cidadela), and was sponsored by the Camâra Municipal de Cascais. In addition to the classes, this space is also used to conduct workshops (voluntary frequency) with students or teachers.

Commercial Partners

There are no commercial partners involved. 


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Rua Dr. Fernando M. F. Batista Viegas 1, 1A 2750-503 Cascais, Portugal