Sala do futuro e Laboratório de aprendizagem e multimédia

We aim to improve the employability of students involved in the project through the development of some of the skills most valued in the labour market, namely innovation, creative thinking and digital skills through the implementation of a Future Classroom in schools.

The opening of our future classroom (2016) was the turning point of our organization: teachers and students became more motivated and integration became real. The students who attend professional courses (Multimedia) have been trained to become FCL resident monitors. They are responsible for the technological equipment and they help teachers when they are delivering their lessons. The FCL also has a snoezlen and chill out area specially designed for students with special needs, namely those who are hyperactive autistic. There they can sit and stare at the stars, touch the colourful water column, grab the optic fibre and listen to the sounds of nature and thus feel comfortable enough to engage in the different learning tasks. However, the FCL alone could change neither mentalities nor teaching practices. It is necessary to extend the way students learn and the way teachers teach in FCL to a regular classroom. Thus, more projects were created, such as "Makers Lab". The FCL has 6 different areas/ stations, with their specific equipment: Video and image production station (cameras, green screen, video editing software); register station (smart wall); programming and robotics station (drones, robots and Legos); independent work station (ergonomic chairs); chill out station (fibre optic ‘fountain', water column) ; cooperative workstation (smart table, smartboard); graphic and 3d production station (3d printer; computers, laptops).

Commercial Partners:

  • Promethean Portugal
  • Microsoft Portugal
  • Steelcase Portugal
  • Steelcase: flexible furniture; Materias Diversos - Arts and STEAM projects CTIC - STEM projects Ciência Viva - STEM


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