Sala do Futuro - Paços de Ferreira

Our Lab is constantly used throughout the whole year, but the work that is conducted there is planned in advance . We have 36 classes in our school. Each class chooses themes to investigate, as long as they are pertinent to the aims concerning the Educational Project of our school.

There's a calendar of the Lab, and each class will have the lab for itself two to three times a year, in not consecutive dates. In each date, the class students gather there and form groups of 3 to 4 students. Each group will develop work in a subtheme, within the chosen theme that's been done previously.  Each group will make research about the theme and prepare some kind of presentation, which can be plainly oral, a video, a podcast, PowerPoint, etc. In the end, all groups must present their works to their classmates.

Our lab is equipped with a computer to each student and Wi-Fi. The room is divided in two sections. One section has round tables, suitable for working in group. The other section has chairs for audience and a stage with a huge android screen that is used to support the presentations.
During the whole day that the class spent in our Lab, their different teachers accompany them, one at a time, to give assistance, some guidance and maintain a good environment.

As soon as all the 36 classes spend one day in Lab, all sequence is repeated. The main purpose is to develop skills in our students, mainly the ability to investigate, to work in group and to present and defend ideas to a large audience.


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Rua da Escola Preparatória, 152, 4595 - 202 Paços de Ferreira

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