Sala do Futuro - Agrupamento de Escolas de Souselo

The Sala do Futuro is a learning lab for students at Grouping of Schools in Souselo, from pre-school up to the 9th grade. The lab is equipped with portable computers, an interactive monitor, mBot robotics kits and its accessories, individual desks and workgroups, ergonomic chairs and a dedicated internet network. Pupils can engage in individual or group work, online research, and also in learning robotics and programming with mBot. Soon, it will be possible to print in 3D.

Located inside the school, the space can be used by teachers according to the specificities of each class. Students' response to the lab has been extraordinarily positive, with levels of concentration and interest significantly higher than those observed during lectures in classic classroom setups.

Commercial Partners

The Sala do Futuro is the result of an initiative promoted by the Tâmega e Sousa Intermunicipal Community which includes the Cinfães City Council, our main partner. The organization aims to pursue the following purposes:

  • Planning and management of the local economic, social and environmental development strategy;
  • Development of municipal investments of inter-municipal interest; 
  • Participation in the management of regional development support programs (National Strategic Reference Framework - QREN and Common Strategic Framework - Portugal 2020);
  • Planning of supra-municipal public entities' actions.

The Tâmega e Sousa CIM also coordinates activities between the municipalities and the Central Administration in the following areas:

  • Public supply networks, basic sanitation infrastructures, wastewater and urban waste treatment;
  • health equipment network;
  • educational and professional training network;
  • spatial planning, nature conservation and natural resources;
  • security and civil protection;
  • mobility and transport;
  • public equipment networks;
  • promotion of economic, social and cultural development;
  • network of cultural, sports and leisure facilities.


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Rua Santo André, 4636, 4690-616 Souselo