The Learning Activity Categories

The scenario tool categorises classroom activities into 6 types. When adding an activity to the scenario, it will be mandatory to start from selecting one of these categories:

  • Interact & Instruct

    A teacher interacts with the learners to instruct and guide them through the learning process.

  • Exchange & Discuss

    Learners communicate and exchange with peers, either in small groups or in plenary.

  • Assessment & Feedback

    Teachers and/or learners perform any activity related to assessment or giving feedback.

  • Investigate & Research

    Learners perform activities to collect data, find answers to driving questions, etc.

  • Create

    Learners create any type of product to showcase their learning.

  • Present

    Learners perform activities to share what they have created or prepared with an audience.

Please note that the choice for a certain activity category may not always be easy. Overlaps are inevitable.