The Tools & Technologies

To organise learning activities, you may want to make use of tools or equipment. Educational technologies, if applied well, have the potential to create new opportunities and to support and upgrade the level of involvement and higher order thinking.

The ready-made activities that are part of this tool include in many cases some suggested tools and technologies. Technologies come and go, that is why the tool mentions generic names and not brand names. Examples of tools can be found on the page below. As much as possible free/freemium tools have been added. These are tools which offer a free use, but often with a limitation. As a teacher you need to make the right judgment when using a specific tool, especially regarding the privacy of students and data protection. Some tools may also contain advertisements.

Below you can find a list of tools that you can use, curated by the FCL team and accessible also through

Web 2.0 tools

Digital storytelling tools

Website creation tools

Learning Management System (LMS) tools

Productivity tools

Collaboration tools

Free-audio resources tools

Curation tools

Create tools

Interact/Quiz tools

Video creation/editing tools

Assessment tools

Present tools

Video conferencing tools