smart_logoSMART is defined by innovation and desire to improve the way the world works and learns. Teachers, students and business people say that SMART has helped them discover new ideas, new ways of learning and new ways of collaborating with our products, which are known to support student-centered learning.

While our product offering started with the interactive whiteboard in 1991, it has significantly evolved over the past 25 years to include a deep and rich product portfolio from interactive flat panels and tables to a full line of interactive learning software. Beyond products, SMART provides the support, integration and services needed to ensure our customers can use our solutions to their full potential.

SMART for the innovative classrooms

At the core of SMART hardware solutions is SMART Notebook™2014 software which is the leading high performance teaching and learning collaborative software experienced by more than 3 million teachers and students worldwide every day. Created by teachers for teachers, SMART Notebook™2014 supports different teaching approaches, from large classes and small groups, to individual student learning and lets teachers create high-impact lessons, access high-quality education content and engage students with unique interactive learning. Further, SMART Notebook™2014 software is compatible with most other brands of interactive technology providing schools with a single software platform for standardization and ease of use.

The SMART Table® both engages and captivates learners through combining work and play, keeping them focused on task, on learning and on progressing through the lesson. It allows multiple users to collaborate simultaneously while developing effective team work, cooperation and communication. Supporting different learning styles (kinesthetic, visual, auditory), the SMART Table® promotes academic, physical and social development. Front of class SMART solutions include theSMART Board®800 where multi-touch interactivity allows up to four students to collaborate taking SMART Notebook™2014 software to new heights of teacher/student collaborative performance. Designed specifically for classrooms, the SMART Board® E70 combines a premium touch experience with the pedagogical power of SMART Notebook™2014 collaborative learning software on a 70" (178cm) display

SMART amp™ is a cloud based software that lets students use their mobile devices to create and discover digital content, answer questions for formative feedback, collaborate and share ideas in an interactive, persistent workspace. SMART amp™ can be accessed any time, from anywhere and is device independent allowing teachers and students to use any device on almost any operating system in the classroom.

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Further information

  • SMART Exchange - Access to high-quality resources: Instantly access SMART Exchange for 60,000+ high-quality lessons and additional content created by more than 3 million SMART Notebook users.
  • SMART Notebook™ 2014 - collaborative learning software.
  • SMART amp™ - Maps showing real time and current data on weather, oceans, population, natural hazards, and much more. 
  • SMART Learning Space - The SMART Learning Space makes it easy for you to plan, access and keep track of your training. Search all of our resources to find training that accommodates your needs.
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