Social Media Literacy for Change Reports

1. Developing a participatory, whole-school Social Media Literacy Strategy - some recommendations

cover of the Literature Review ReportWhen do children start to have their own social media accounts in various countries across the globe? What are the most popular platforms? What are social media literacy skills? And most importantly, what other initiatives are there aiming to support teachers in developing a strategy to tackle social-media related issues in their schools? These are just some of the questions that we addressed before setting out to produce the Social Media Literacy for Change MOOC and you can read more about them in the newly published report. 

The main goal of this report is to provide an overview of key evidence-based resources, research and other materials which serve as a basis for the development of more participatory, school-based social media literacy strategies.

2. A whole-School Journey Towards a Meaningful Social Media Literacy Strategy

Cover of the Strategies ReportIn order to create the sml4change MOOC, we collaborated with a incredibly motivated group of 25 teachers, coming from 13 countries. A total of 23 co-creators helped not only shape the direction of the MOOC, but were the ones who created adn implemented their first whole-school social media literacy strategies. The SML Strategies Report is a summary of these strategies, of the process they underwent and the lessons learnt as a result of developing, monitoring, assessing and then adapting one's social media literacy strategy.

3. Social Media Literacy strategies in school: Designing a capacity building scheme

Cover of the Final Evaluation Report

The sml4change project oficially ended in August 2019. What are the main lessons learnt? What has the project achieved and how can schools and education institutions replicate and adapt these findings to their national, regional and local contexts? The sml4change Final Report provides a useful overview of all these findings as well as the whole process through which the sml4change MOOC was created.