Sormen geLAB

Description: Our FCL has 4 phases: thinking, designing, doing, and presenting. Students go from phase to phase and if necessary, they can go back and repeat the process. During all phases, research and collaboration are worked on.

The classroom consists of 2 spaces. On the one hand, we have a 100m2 classroom and on the other hand there is a 40m2 television and radio studio.

The main classroom has 2 touch screens, robotics and augmented reality material, a digital magnifying glass along with laboratory material and 20 computers.

The radio and television studio has a complete radio set (microphones, mixing desk, several computers, streaming platform) and a Chroma wall and a touch screen.

The classroom is very bright and has a special ceiling that absorbs noise. The furniture is flexible, so it turns the classroom into a multipurpose space that adapts to the activities to be carried out.

The methodology we use at school is Project Based Learning. Thanks to the launch of the FCL, the research, collaboration and communication phases have been especially reinforced. The teachers have adapted the PBL methodology to that of the FCL, especially in the aforementioned phases, emphasizing the scientific method and the inclusion of STEAM. The students have gained a lot of autonomy when it comes to carrying out the challenges posed. This has led to notable improvements in collaborative work. Regarding the communication phase, it should be noted that the motivation of the students has increased and, in turn, has brought the educational community even closer, both to families and to other local and national agents.

The FCL has facilitated assessment based on competencies and the transfer of what has been learned.

The groups that interact in the classroom are mainly primary school groups, but we also carry out other activities focused on other audiences, such as families, other schools, university summer courses and others. In all of them the structure and the methodology used in the classroom have been valued positively.

Partnership: Not working with any commercial partners

Address: Araba kalea 56, 20800 Zarautz, Basque Country, Spain


Maider Cachón Arruti, Headmistress,

Arantzazu Fernandez de Arroiabe, Head of Studies,