The Thinking Classrooms

Inspired by Peter Liljedahl' s work, in order to boost problem solving approach, several Math Thinking Classrooms have been implemented at our school through the funding of flexible furniture in each classroom that allows for moving around and standing group work, provided with work surfaces such as poster board or flipchart paper attached to the walls, and whiteboards and blackboards available for all groups to work at.

Our Institute has a full 6 x 6-metre immersive classroom, that offers a 360° floor-to-ceiling socially immersive experience for the whole class (Oculus Rift Visors).

Our students can access a fully equipped drone coding classroom provided with the following apparatus: DJ Mavic Pro 2, Tello Edu Dji, 20 Arduino Education kits, 4 EV3 Mindstorms kits + 4 kit expantion sets, 1 Delta Wasp Pro, 2 Samsung Gear 360, 2 Brainwave starter kits Neurosky, ELEGOO STEM kits.

Our school is also Bio Medical High school, so we have a Lab with Optika Microscope, Fume Hood, Fume Cupboard, Fume Extractor. 

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Via Ferrara, Caserta, Italy 


Emma Abbate, School's "Research, innovation and experimentation" team's coordinator, 

Umberto Martone, School's Labs supervisor, 


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MATEMATICA – .: Liceo Scientifico Statale A. Diaz – Caserta :. (


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