The Workshop

The classroom's main asset is the flexibility of the space. In addition to the interior design, we also put emphasis on designing the teachers' pedagogical toolsets, creating a curriculum suitable for teaching in such environment as The Workshop and enhancing the teachers' expertise.

During school hours, students from first grade to eighth grade have classes in the learning space. They acquire skills for research, concept development, planning, teamwork, collaboration, creative thinking, presentation and standing in front of an audience. The activities are in a variety of subjects: science, language, Hebrew, English, mathematics, art, Bible, geography and more.

The classroom hosts two workshop courses - one for 40 teachers of Shimoni School and another for 25 teachers from different local schools - where the participants are trained in up-to-date teaching methods and ICT integration.

The Workshop is funded entirely by the Shimoni Primary School.

The Workshop is equipped with laptops, an iPad, a projection screen with Apple TV presentation of Haifd. Devices are designed to enable the exploration, data collection, data processing and preparation of products. There are also Lego robots and Lego kits that are used to develop creative thinking, programming, teamwork, etc.

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Shimoni Primary School
Revivim 1, Givatayim