Toolset 5 - Evaluation

The final toolset provides guidance on testing Learning Activities in the classroom and evaluating their strengths and weaknesses. We call this a classroom pilot. Once you have created some innovative Learning Activities based on Future Classroom Scenarios (see Toolset 4), or selected some Learning Activities created by other teachers, and applied them in the classroom, the final step is to evaluate the challenges and benefits you and your learners have experienced.

Evaluation is used to gather and analyse evidence and information about the innovative teaching and learning process and its results. The results of the evaluation are fed back to inform future decisions about innovation in teaching and learning.

Inspiring user stories

A Portuguese teacher shares his experiences of assessing the collaborative learning of 15-18-year olds in his ICT classroom. He talks about the benefits of collaborative learning and assessment, and the challenges he has faced, together with some tips on how to overcome them.

An Italian teacher shares her varied experience of assessing collaborative learning with 14-19-year olds through a project-based approach, particularly focusing on peer reviews. She explains various digital tools she uses to set up collaborative learning as well as assess it. She describes the challenges she has faced and offers some solutions and related questions for us to reflect on.

The tools in this toolset