Training Wheels (ES)

The Training Wheels's playful and motivating environment offers students 6 learning areas, each specifically designed to stimulate multiple intelligences, develop key skills, and prepare youngsters for the future. The innovative learning environment was inspired by Future Classroom Lab, educaLAB, Institute for the future, Curriculum Redesign Center, the Future of skills, and Global Digital Citizen. The Training Wheels learning space focuses on training children from 6 to 12 years old. The learning space offers school visits, extra-curricular activities, camps, creation of educational content for teachers and families, and teacher training opportunities. 

This innovative learning space incorporates various types of technology to identify and enhance students' talents. Apart from interactive TV screens and various audiovisual and media production tools, the lab also has equipment such as Virtual Reality glasses, programming gadgets, a laboratory, model building material, educational material, training games, musical instruments, games and scientific experiments, interesting books, and various teaching material. The technology is used to create an exciting, motivating, and inspiring learning space for young learners, where they can learn naturally through exploration and play.

Furthermore, all our equipment and the software applications are constantly improving with the help of our students, who are able to analyze and propose enhancements, thus playing an active role in their own learning. 

Commercial Partners:

The Training Wheels learning space is privately funded.
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• Magdalena Martín Arbesú - Co-Founder


Futureschoolnow SL
Plaza Villafranca de los Barros nº 4, Madrid, Spain