Udir Betalab, Norway

Udir BetaLab is situated in central Oslo, in the offices of the Norwegian Directorate for Education and Training. The lab is equipped with innovative technologies for kindergartens and schools, such as 3D-printers, laptops, tablets, microcontrollers, game consoles, drones, and VR/AR units.

Our fields of expertise are video games and learning, programming and computational thinking, and maker pedagogy.

Udir BetaLab is used for workshops and small events, and is also a mobile concept. Teachers, teacher and kindergarten students, school owners and policy makers take part in hands-on sessions and workshops at conferences and events around the country.

Teachers and teacher trainers share their learning stories and experiences related to technology in a Facebook group. Our Future Classroom Ambassadors work in schools and as teacher trainers.

Udir BetaLab is part of the Norwegian Directorate for Education and Training which is funded by the Norwegian Ministry of Education.

Commercial Partners:

There are no commercial partners involved.

More information:

Find out more about the Udir Betalab and the process of creating a Future Classroom Lab at your school in this webinar.



Visiting Address:

Schweigaards gt. 15 b
Oslo, Norway

Postal Address:

PB 9359 Grønland
0135, Oslo