We are Ready! Are you in? FCL Class

Our target groups are primary and secondary school students. Our classroom consists of five learning stations:

PIANO AND GUITAR: Students use musical instruments to learn music culture with right and scientific ways to inspire the people and the region around them. Also we try to help young talented students achieve national and international success.

GREEN SCREEN: Our students learn their lessons easier with this screen. They can act the scenario they write and develop their foreign language through learning by doing, dramatization and role-play.

MIND AND INTELLIGENCE GAMES: The importance of mind and intelligence games is to offer more effective learning to the students. In each different game, children get to know and develop themselves and learn self-evaluation with their peers.

MINI READING CORNER: We aim to improve our students' reading habits with our Bookshelf, to make them more active and responsible for their own learning. We think reading has a positive effect on their lessons and communication. We also want our students spend more time at school to socialize with friends.

INTERACTIVE SMARTBOARD: We use our smartboards to watch videos, show pictures, make drawings and work with school information systems.

ICT Equipments in Our Classroom: -Virtual Reality Corner -Mini Reading Corner -Interactive Smartboard -Mind and Intelligence games -Smart Tablets In 21st century, called information era, we support and improve super skills expected from students with our FCL class. In green box space of the class, students are able to record their own videos, make arrangements and regulate them in virtual environments. So, they can increase their levels of knowledge, media and technology literacy, produce different things and learn thinking ability. Thanks to the virtual reality and interactive board, students have effective and entertaining learning chance. In our intelligence games space, they can adapt to different roles and responsibilities easily by cooperating with their friends. Thanks to these games, they can make complicated choices and have opportunity of seeing the results of their own decisions. Therefore, students in our class are able to develop creativity, regeneration, critical thinking and problem solving, which are among 21st century skills. As a result of this, students also develop life and and professional skills and understand that learning is a lifelong process.


Commercial partnership

We provided funding with the help of parents and an individual sponsor (Mustafa ORAL - ORAL PHARMACY Unye/ORDU). When we have mentioned our FCL class Project to our sponsor, he has felt the same exciement as we have. We have done research and development (AR-GE) labour for materials supply which are going to be used in necessary stations for classroom. We have completed the arrangement of our class by establishing a FCL Project commission at school.


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