The Interactive Classroom Working Group – a focus on personalising learning


Recognising the increased need of enabling students to learn at their own pace; and in a way that suits them, the Interactive Classroom Working Group has focused its 2016 working plan particularly on different approaches to personalising learning.

So far the experts in the ICWG Personalising Learning expert group have prepared interesting mini-case studies on their experience and the impact of personalising learning in their school and classrooms.

In addition to that they are now in the process of preparing learning activities with the aim of sharing examples of what is going on in their schools. The first learning activity, prepared by Luis Fernandes, focuses specifically on suggestions of activities for special needs pupils. The second learning activity is focused on assessment and presents a collaboration between Niall O'Connor (Ireland) and Philippe Favre (Switzerland), sharing experience and examples from their schools.

If you are looking for ideas and learning activities on personalising learning, be sure to check out the ICWG expert group outputs!

Follow progress of the work of the expert group on the FCL ICWG webpage.


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