FCL Regio Pedagogical scenarios & videos – How to adopt innovative pedagogical approaches involving mobile learning and cloud computing in the classroom


The Future Classroom Lab Regional network, with the help of innovative teachers/ICT advisers, nominated by all partners of the project, have recently developed future classroom scenarios and learning activities.

These outputs focusing on the use of mobile devices and K-12 cloud services were produced as a result of a collaborative work which started at European Schoolnet's  Future Classroom Lab in Brussels and continued afterwards between the schools. The scenarios were used to inspire and encourage teachers across Europe who wish to implement pedagogical scenarios related to mobile learning and use of cloud services.

Teachers then worked with a professional video production company to plan how a lesson involving these scenarios can be filmed in a school in each region. You will find all their scenarios and videos with great examples related to mobile learning and use of cloud services below:

1/ Interactive Art and Culture: Cles/Mori virtual tours

This collaborative project between two schools in Cles and Mori in Italy aimed at using apps and mobile devices to design a cultural tour in both towns. The project also favored collaboration between students with different backgrounds and of a different age. You can find the scenario here.


2/Stress in Structures: A Collaborative Project for Two Schools in Catalonia

This collaborative project was carried out by two schools, INS Torre del Palau (Terrassa) and INS Altafulla (Altafulla) in Catalonia.
In this project, students faced different challenges. They learnt the concept of stress, a core element in the subject of Technology for 14 year-old students in compulsory education. In order to acquire the concepts, they used apps that helped them produce digital objects that display information and show what they have understood throughout the project. You can find the scenario here.


3/ Collaborative project of coding between two schools in Sweden

This collaborative project between two schools from Partille and Jonsered in Sweden aimed for the students at programming, giving instructions, creating digital learning resources. The students also assisted in transforming creative ideas to tangible results, discussing and cooperating in a team. You can find the scenario here.



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