Mobile Learning & Cloud Services, Beyond the Textbook - Recommendations and guidelines for policy makers


Seven key recommendations for regional policy makers, summarised in the new publication of the Future Classroom Lab Regional Network.

During its first year, the Future Classroom Lab Regional Network project (FCL Regio) has particularly focused on several key questions. What is mobile learning? What are cloud services for schools? How can they support a ‘beyond the textbook' strategy? What are the potential benefits of introducing these technologies in the classroom? These and other questions led the discussions held at the first Strategic Seminar, informed an online questionnaire dedicated to local policy makers, as well as inspired face-to-face consultations with national and regional decision makers. The resulting main findings, reported in this document, allowed the consortium to formulate seven key recommendations for regional policy makers, summarised below, for a better deployment and implementation of mobile devices and K-12 cloud services at both regional and national levels.

The recommendations in a nutshell:

  • Education ‘beyond the textbook'. "Regions should develop strategies that support the co-creation of innovative digital educational resources for schools by policy makers working closely with software developers, publishers (both commercial and nonprofit), teachers and students. In order to successfully move "beyond the textbook", It is particularly important that funding mechanisms and training (on standards, open licenses, new technological solutions) are not focused solely on adaptation of existing open educational resources (e.g. the creation of simple e-books) but that actions are taken to support the co-creation of original content for mobile technologies that both engages students and inspires teachers."
  • Education based on equity. "Regions should ensure that excellence in education is based on equity and that all students are entering schools where 21st century teaching Mobile learning & cloud services beyond the textbook and learning methodologies are supported by innovative use of ICT and digitally competent teachers."
  • Vision. "Regions should put in place mechanisms to develop a clear vision for how ICT can add value to schools, particularly in countries where there is no national ICT or digital strategy/agenda. Support should also be given to schools to help them develop their own ICT strategy based on this vision, including how use of mobile devices and cloud services can be effectively deployed."
  • New procurement models. "Regions should develop procurement models which reflect the fact that learning is increasingly taking place outside the school and may involve new issues related to the use of student personal data, cloud services and 1:1 access to mobile devices in and out of school."
  • Public private partnerships (PPPs). "Regions should actively explore how new models for public private partnerships can support innovative approaches to the implementation of ICT in schools."
  • Mobile phone bans. "Regions should resist having a policy that bans mobile phone use in schools and should support schools in developing clear student use policies and guidelines."
  • Continuing professional development of teachers. "Regions should increase efforts related to continuing professional development of teachers and should propose a minimum level of digital competences for all teachers as part of their regional ICT strategy."



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