Future Learning Lab - Made in Austria


One of the latest learning labs inspired by the Future Classroom Lab is the Future Learning Lab (FLL) in Vienna. It will open its doors officially in September 2017 at the Center for Innovation in Learning and Teaching (ZLI), part of the Pädagogische Hochschule Wien.

The Future Learning Lab follows the educational and pedagogical concept of the EUN's Future Classroom Lab. This new space will offer a well-equipped environment for learning and teaching of digital competences and will also be linked to the "School 4.0" initiatives of the Ministry of Education (BMB). You can follow this initiative also on a dedicated website.

The Future Learning Lab is in fact one of ZLI's four "learning rooms", which serve as innovation points for research, education, further education and school development. The other three ones are:

·         Education Innovation Studio (EIS) that focuses on coding, robotics and storytelling. Read here an article about the opening event and the eBazar 2017.

·         Maker Lab (MAL) dedicated to digital production using technology like 3D printing.

·         Media Lab (MEL) where visitors can explore radio, video and podcast technology and interactive whiteboards.

We look forward to hearing more news from this inspiring initiative!


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