FCL Summer Academy: A week full of creativity, innovation and joy of learning


Do schools kill or nurture creativity? Should schools be places where the students can develop skills and attitudes that combine important elements such as creativity, critical thinking, collaboration, imagination and inventiveness? The Future Classroom Lab Summer Academy course "Enhancing creativity and innovation in my classroom" held on 3-7 July 2017 in Brussels, led the participants to reflect on how to nurture creativity in students and how to teach creatively!

The two expert trainers, Bart Verswijvel and Arjana Blazic shared ideas with the participants on how to enhance standard educational materials with creative tools and applications, how to implement the design thinking process in teaching practices and how to design learning materials for flipping the classroom. Participants also learnt to create digital storytelling activities, gamify classroom activities, use emerging technologies (Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, QR codes) to create activities for interdisciplinary learning, use social media for teaching and professional development and also how to curate digital content.

Among many other things, the participants attended a global webinar with distinguished educators from across the world. Sarietjie Musgrave (South Africa), Erika Salinas (Mexico), Marie-Leet Bens (Belgium), Anna Loseva (Russia – Japan) and Fiona Beal (South Africa) shared their ideas on creativity and innovation in the classroom.

Overall, the FCL Summer Academy, proved to be a very successful course that brought 34 people from 9 countries together in Brussels for a full week dedicated to creativity and innovation in the classroom, discussions and fun collaborative activities! Find more at the Summer Academy blog and by following #FCLSUMAC.

Interested to join a course in the Future Classroom Lab? See the course offers here! The full training programme for 2018 will be published in September.


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