EMINENT 2017 and the Future Classroom Lab Exploration Area


European Schoolnet's annual conference EMINENT 2017, marking also our 20th anniversary, brought more than 300 key actors from across Europe to discuss what matters when it comes to learning space, time and eco-systems. Representatives of the Ministries of Education, schools, teacher training organizations, universities, major technology companies and the wider education community reflected on the personal, social and professional competences that we should focus οn when educating the future citizens and employees nowadays.

EMINENT 2017 focused also on a new global learning eco-system, which is increasingly dynamic, diversified and collaborative. The first keynote speaker William Rankin (international education consultant and former Director of Learning at Apple) underlined the need of giving to the learners more dimensional experiences and unfolded the dimensions of deeper learning. In various sessions, invited speakers from across Europe contributed on the idea of the future classroom and the competences that teachers need in order to provide a relevant learning experience for their students. According to Rosan Bosch, the internationally renowned designer who uses creativity as a tool for innovation and change, school design should reflect the diversity in people – we all learn in different ways.

As part of the special edition of EMINENT, the participants also had an exceptional opportunity to visit the Future Classroom Lab Exploration Area, created in collaboration with 22 FCL partners.  The companies showcased their best education technology solutions and engaged the conference participants in testing out innovative classroom technology. Interactive whiteboards, BYOD teaching agents, 3D printers and scanners, robots, programming software and hardware, collaboration and personalized assessment tools, data loggers, digital  games, drones and much more educational technology stimulated fresh ideas on how to bring innovation and engagement in our classrooms.

Overall, EMINENT 2017, proved to be a very successful conference that brought many key stakeholders from around Europe together in Brussels for a three days dedicated to learning space, time and eco-systems in education


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