Green Innovation Students inspire European education stakeholders


On 15-17 November 2017 the annual EMINENT conference took place in Brussels. EMINENT is organized by the European Schoolnet and is "…an expert meeting in education networking bringing stakeholders from across Europe together to discuss the next challenges and potential solutions to ensure an innovative education for all".

Important keywords for the conference this year was learning spaces, time and eco-systems, and EMINENT 2017 brought key actors from across Europe to contribute to the relevant discussions. This included four of our Nordahl Grieg students at the Green Innovation Line. In a live streaming event on Thursday around noon, Henrik, Maria, Andrea and Mathias spent 10 minutes in their Technology and Research lab at Nordahl Grieg upper secondary school (NGV), explaining for the European education stakeholders what matters when it comes to learning space, time and eco-systems. This Norwegian learning lab was joined by students from Austria, Estonia and Spain, giving the youths an important voice during EMINENT 2017.

Our students in their learning lab at NGV

The same students via projector screen on stage in Brussel

As an introduction to these student presentations, this short movie about the Green Innovation Studies at NGV was shown to the audience (courtesy of Sara Kolsrud Ellingsen).

Then the floor was given to the students, and Maria started the show, explaining in more details what the Green Innovation Studies at NGV really means:

"In Green Innovation studies, the learning is project based, which means we try to learn the curriculum through cooperation and projects. Students doing physics and information technology, work closely together with students doing marketing & leadership, and entrepreneurship & corporate development. All students meet in technology and science class, in this lab. Interdisciplinary is the key to everything in these studies. Everything has a "green" profile, and we work with a focus on a greener future. In our projects we always try to come up with sustainable and environmentally friendly solutions".

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