Going mobile with the Norwegian Future Classroom Lab


In Norway, there are currently several learning labs being established, inspired by the Future Classroom Lab.

At the Norwegian Centre for ICT in Education, we started out with two labs a couple of years ago, in Tromsø and Oslo. The lab in Tromsø was built as a learning lab, but the lab in Oslo is in itself very small. So we decided to bring the lab to teachers around the country. Norway is a quite large country geographically speaking, so teachers around Norway will usually not visit Oslo very often, or Tromsø for that matter. 

The decision to travel with our FCL also coincided with us starting to do hands-on workshops, and we have never looked back. It´s great fun letting teachers get their hands on technology rather than just talk to them about how important it is to integrate technology in their classroom. What we do is that we bring ipads, a VR rig, computers and programming equipment around the country, and set up workshops and courses in programming, digital games and maker activities. Sometimes we bring stuff in a backpack, sometimes we need a few cases, or a car. Of course we can't be everywhere, so we focus on national and regional conferences and events, and always include expert teachers to take part on the workshops. It takes a lot of effort to have all the stuff working and updated, but that is the one downside I can think of. Teachers tend to get ideas and new perspectived from our visits, and some are very eager to set up their own local learning labs. 

The video from the NKUL conference (the biggest conference on ICT and learning) is produced by media students from Nordahl Grieg upper secondary school. 


By Jørund Høie Skaug


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