FCL Regio Pedagogical scenarios & videos – Get inspired by innovative pedagogical approaches involving mobile learning and cloud computing in the classroom


During its second year, the Future Classroom Lab Regional network, working along with innovative teachers and ICT advisers, have developed future classroom scenarios and learning activities.

These outputs, focusing on introducing mobile learning and cloud computing in K-12 education, as well as the pedagogical use of technology more broadly, were produced as a result of a collaborative work which started at European Schoolnet's Future Classroom Lab in Brussels and continued afterwards in the schools. 

The scenarios had the ultimate aim of inspiring and encouraging schools across Europe to integrate technology in their practice and make a better use of mobile learning and cloud services.

The teachers involved worked also with a professional video production company to plan how a lesson involving these scenarios can be filmed in a school in each region. You will find all their scenarios and videos with great examples related to mobile learning and use of cloud services below:

1/ PEERobotics: A collaborative project of peer learning of programming while practicing a foreign language between two schools in Trentino, Italy

This collaborative project was carried out by two schools, IC Strigno e Tesino and Istituto di Istruzione L.GUETTI in Italy. In this project younger students teach programming to older students via the CLIL and peer learning methodology. You can find the scenario here.

2/Let's invent!: A collaborative project in Catalonia, Spain

The idea of this project is to make the students active learners. Students have to invent something using programming related to a topic which is built from a need in the school or their environment. You can find the scenario here.

3/ Mathematical patterns with programming: A collaborative project in Öckerö, Sweden

This project aimed for the students at combining Mathematics with Technology, as the students will have to collaborate in order to program and create while understanding and exercising mathematical patterns. You can find the scenario here.

4/ La Barcelonada: a collaborative project involving geolocalization and mobile technology in Barcelona, Spain

This collaborative project in Barcelona in Spain aimed at helping students take ownership and move around the city while improving their digital competences and using various applications and social media to learn actively. 




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