FCL Regio project: closing conference held in Trento


The closing conference of the FCL Regio project, took place in Trento, Italy on 12 April 2018. It brought together more than 100 participants representing Ministries of Educations, schools, educational organisations, universities, educational technology companies and other key educational stakeholders to discuss the role of regions in empowering teachers to innovate in their classrooms involving mobile devices and K-12 learning cloud services.

The conference offered a unique opportunity to learn more about the main outcomes of the project, involving the recommendations and guidelines for policy makers, the pedagogical scenarios and videos and the micro-innovative activities. The event provided also a great opportunity to get to know the people behind this project and reflect on how to maintain and expand the network of digitally innovative regions in order to help address the "mainstreaming gap" in terms how ICT is currently implemented in schools in many countries.

Key topics such as BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) practices, mobile learning, education and employability were addressed by a students' debate and by experts during an international round table. What is the role of the regions in supporting innovative educational approaches and how do we define innovation? These are some of the key questions that participants, together with expert speakers, tackled during the conference. Assessment, coding and creativity in schools were also discussed as key elements of reshaping the education of the future.

The conference was streamed live and you can find the recording here.



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