Learning about interactive technologies at the FCL training course


Interactive technologies have become almost commonplace in many areas of our lives. Regarding the education, the use of devices and systems that promote engagement and collaboration brings significant value to the learning environment and delivers an enriched learning experience.

The Future Classroom Lab course "Interactive technologies for the future classroom", held on 9-13 April 2018 in Brussels, led the participants to develop their own ideas about integrating interactive technologies in their classrooms and enhance everyday teaching.

The participants discovered actively tools and methodologies to increase interaction in the classroom and they experimented with different software to increase student collaboration. They also learned about the possibilities of BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) and explored the advantages of interactive whiteboards to deliver flipped learning. What's more, they used widgets and software to create interactive exercises for various educational purposes and they got inspired by best practices shared during the course. A professional culture requires teachers who are willing to share, support and explore together. For this reason, participants also learned how to start a collaborative eTwinning project.

The course brought together 32 people from 8 countries together in Brussels for a full week dedicated to raising interaction in the classrooms through the use of technologies and different pedagogical approaches. 

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